This is recipes practice for dissert agar-agar lychee ice cream and steps by steps how to make dessert special.


Basic materials:

Fresh lychee fruits

100 gr
Extract coconut

200 gr
Coconut milk, cook it

500 mL

100 mL

Pudding materials:

Red agar-agar powder

1 pack

50 mL

100 gr
A little  cube ice

Steps by Step How To Make Agar-agar Lychee Ice:

1.   First, make the pudding. Boil the agar-agar powder with water and sugaruntil come boiled. Then take off and leave until coe cold (you can put it in the freezer.

2.  After that, prepare the glass. Put the lychee fruit in it, then take the agar-agar. Cut in small chopped and put also in the same glass.

3.   Finally, pour with all of liquid materials. Add the cube ice, so fresh dessert ready to serve… J

Recipes And How To Make Desser Agar-Agar Lychee Ice