Recipe Gulai Kurma

This food origin from Padang, west Sumatra, Indonesia with the original name Gulai Kurma. This food is very much suitable for the cold weather. And the dish also suitable for your dinner with family. Watch the steps below!

Ø Ingredients:

·         400  gr of fresh beef
·         2 spoons of coriander powder
·         A little of caraway-seed powder to taste
·         6 onions, cut into smooth pieces
·         3 garlics, bruised it
·         2 spoons of pepper powder
·         6 candlenut fruit, grind it
·         2 cm of gingger, grind it
·         2 cm of galangale, grind it
·         2 stalks of citronella, bruised it
·         A little of cloves to taste
·         3 stalks of cinnamons
·         2 nutmegs, grind it
·         2 shhets of lime fruit leaf
·         4 glasses of coconut milk
·         3 spoons of fry-grated-coconut
·         Some of butter to cooking
·         1 glass of thin milk
·         A little of tamarind
·         A little of salt to taste
·         Some of potatoes if you want to put it on your curry

Ø How To Cook:

1.      Wash the beef, dry it.
2.      Boil the butter in the frypan.
3.      Fry the onion, garlic, citronella, cloves, and cinnamons in the boiled butter, stir them until a half cooked.
4.      Then, put the some spices like a grind-candlenut, grind-galangale and grind-gingger. Stir it until them spread evenly.
5.      Put the beef  and covered it, then to and fro it for ± 10 minutes.
6.      After that, if you look there are the broth in it, you can put the remains spices like a coriander powder, caraway-seed powder, pepper powder, and fry-grated-coconut into it.
7.      Add the remain spices, except the tamarind and salt.
8.      Check the beef, if it already soft yet then you can add some of potatoes.
9.      After that, put the tamarind and salt to taste. Stir it until cooked.
10.  The date-palm curry ready to served.