Blood cockle shells
Blood cockle shells

Recipe How To Make Roasted Blood Cockle Shells

Ø Materials:

  • Basic materilas
  • 600 gr of fresh blood-cockle-shells
  • 2 cm of  wood’s charcoal
  • 300 mL of coconut milk
  • 5 spoons of cooking oil for smeared
  • Many of skewers
  • Grinded materials
  • 5 onions
  • 2 teaspoon of salt
  • 3 garlics
  • 7 chillis

Ø Steps:

  1. First, boil the water with wood’s charcoal.then, add the Blood-cockle. Leave at the moment until the shells is opened. Take off.
  2. Take off the cockle’s meat from the shells.
  3. Mix the cockle’s meat with grinded spices. Then, mix also with coconut milk.
  4. Cook the admixture cockle’s meat until come cooked and spices come absorbed.
  5. Finally, stick some of cockle’s meat with the skewer and roasted until the aroma is smelled. Take off and ready to serve…