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Sate Pentul
Sate Pentul is the food from Java-Indonesian. It have a unique name. Isn’t it? Yeah, in addition, the taste of this food also must be you to considered. Why? Because the taste is very much delicious and make your tongue be shaked. You wanna try? Ok, watch the tips below!

Ø Ingredients:

·         500 gr of fresh beef, make it to mince-beef
·         4 garlics, grind it
·         A little of sugar, grind it
·         2 stalks of citronella, grind it
·         A littke of tamarind, grind it
·         A little of coriander, grind it
·         2 small peppers or chillis, grind it
·         A little of turmeric, grind it
·         2 glasses of rasp coconut
·         2 glasses of coconut milk
·         1 egg
·         Cooking oil
·         Alittle of salt to taste

Ø Steps:

  1. Boil the cooking oil in the frypan.
  2. Saute the ¾ of spices, then put the mince-beef, rasp coconut, and egg into it.
  3. Make the dough with the ball shape and stick it in the aberque skewers.
  4. Remain spices or ¼ spices mix with the coconut milk.
  5. Then, with this spices-coconut-milk the Sate Pentul be asmeared when it roasting.
  6. SatePentul ready to served. Hmmm… Yummiiiiii… Delicious……!