Roll Steack Recipes
Roll Steak

Food And Recipes GalleryRoll steak is the simple food that you can cook in the relative sort time. The food with original name Bestek Gulung from Indonesia looks so cute, luxurious, and elegant. It’s so suitable for your special and romantic dinner. Watch the steps below!

Ø Ingredients:

·         1 pound of fresh beef with the long about 5 cm
·         4 spoons of butter
·         A little of pepper powder
·         A little of nutmeg
·         10 onions, 4 to ground, 6 cut into a small pieces
·         6 spoons of soybean
·         4 spoons of wheat flour
·         2 glasses of thin milk
·         2 boiled eggs
·         1 of boiled carrot
·         Some of potatoes
·         Some of beans
·         A little of salt to taste

  1. Wash the beef, dry it.
  2. Cut in half a beef, but don’t leave it break each other.
  3. Give a smooth strike to a beef. Then put the pepper powder, satl, nutmeg, and grind onion on it.
  4. Enter the boiled eggs and boiled carrot without chopped
  5. Roll the beef, bunch the lower and upper ends by a thread. Leave it atthe moment.
  6. Boil the butter in the frypan, the fry this steak in the boiled butter with the a little big fire on the stove.
  7. Don’t reverse it before the frying side looks like florid
  8. Meanwhile,you can make the gravy for it. It as the boiled butter, then add the soybean anda little of water. Add the cut onion and spread on it.
  9. After it really boiled, add the thin milk.
  10. For the vegetables, boil the potatoes and beans.
  11. Put the steak in the plate, then put also the vegetables at the border
  12. Then, water it witn the gravy.
  13. Served while it still warm. Hmmm,, yummmiii… Do you want to try? :)