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How To Make Rich-tasteIce Cream - Ok friends, do you searching about desserts recipes…?? Or do you feel confuse to choose the dessert for dinner tonight…?? Well, many people always consider the value of dessert.

Ok friends, now you need become confuse again. Because for this edition, we will share many simple and practical Rich-taste Ice Cream recipes that can you try by yourself in short time.

Alright Ladies and Mrs., ensuing there are many recipes that can be inspiring you. Watch step by step how to cooking it out!


  • Ice cream Walls

  • 1 L of

  • Chocolate and vanilla choco-chips


  • Fresh mangoes

  • 250 gr of

  • Fresh melon

  • 250 gr of

  • Fresh papaya fruits

  • 250 gr of

  • Fresh milk

  • 50 mL of

  • Whipping cream

  • Liquid chocolate


  • Fresh strawberry

  • 5 fruit

Step By Step How To Cooking It

1.      First, put the ice cream and milk into a blender machine, blend until spread evenly.

2.      Prepare the glass, put all of the fruits in the glass. Then, pour the admixture of ice cream with milk in the glass.

3.      Finally, add hipping cream, liquid chocolate and strawberry on top. Fresh and sweet ice cream for dessert ready to serve… J