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Crispy fried-squid

Crispy fried squid recipes is one of favorite menu for seafood-lover. Alright, this food always be the choice when the weather is cold. Because the warm seafood very much delicious to be eaten with the sauce and made the body come warm also. Delicious, health, and made your body warm… Hmmm,, nice dish…Want to know and try? So, let’s watch the steps below!

Ø Materials / Ingredients:

I. Fried-squid materials

- 300 gr of fresh squid
- 1 lemon, juiced it
- A little of salt to taste
- A little of pepper powder
- 3 spoons of wheat flour
- 1 spoon of rice flour
- 1 spoon of tapioca flour
- A little of baking powder
- 1 egg, shake it
- Cooking oil for frying

II. Sauce materials

- Mayonaise
- Tomato-sauce
- Condiment sauce

Ø Steps How To Cook:

  1. First, clean the squid and wash it. Then cut it into circle shape with size ½ cm.
  2. Smeared it with the lemon juice.
  3. Add salt and pepper powder, mix it well.
  4. After that, add the wheat flour, rice flour, and tapioca flour, mix it until spread evenly.
  5. Roll the squid into the admixture of flour until spread evenly.
  6. Dip it into shaked egg and take off.
  7. Roll again into admixture flour until spread evenly, take off.
  8. Heat the cooking oil and fry squid until cooked and the color is changed into golden.
  9. Take off and delicious Crispy fried-squid ready to serve with the sauce.