Crispy fried Mushrooms Recipes Download
Crispy fried Mushrooms

How To Make Crispy-fried Mushrooms with Coriander Spices - Food And Recipes Gallery

Ø Materials:

I. Basic materials

- 200 gr of mushrooms
- Cooking oil

II. Marinade spices

- 200 gr of rice flour
- 50 gr of sago flour
- 5 sheets of lime’s leaves, take the veins and slice smooth
- 250 mL of coconut milk
- 1 yolk

III. Grinded spices

- 4 garlics
- ½ spoon of salt
- 2 cm of greater-galingale
- ½ spoon of coriander

Ø Steps by Step How To Make It:

  1. First, make the marinade spices. Mix all the grindes spices, coconut ilk, yolk, lime’s leaves, rice flour, and sago flour. Mix it well.
  2. Dip the mushrooms into marinade spices.
  3. After that, heat the cooking oil, then fry the mushrooms.
  4. Take off and delicious fried mushrooms ready to serve…