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Hot Fried Egg
Gallery Food and Recipes | This food use the deck’s egg. Why must duck’s egg? Yeah, because the duck’s egg have a delicious taste more that chicken’s egg. If you want the hottest taste, you can use the small pepper. Hmm… How to cooking Hot Fried-Egg? Watch the steps below!

How To Cooking Hot Fried Egg Recipes, Seasoning, And Step to Make It

Ø Ingredients:

  • 7 duck’s eggs, make into fried egg
  • 2 garlics, dice it
  • ½ of large-yellow onion, slice it
  • 5 large-chillis, slice it into aslant shape
  • 3 green pepper, slice it into aslant shape
  • 1 tomato, dice it
  • 1 spoon of tomato sauce
  • ½ spoon of oyster sauce
  • A little of salty soybean
  • A little of salt to taste
  • A little of pepper powder
  • A little of sugar
  • 1 stalk of leak, cut into 3 cm
  • 100 mL of water
  • 2 spoons of cooking oil

Ø Steps How To Cook It:

  1. First, saute garlics, large-yellow onion, chillis, and green pepper until the aroma is smelled. Add tomato and stir it until a half cooked.
  2. After that, add fried egg and reamin spices. Mix and stir it well.
  3. Finally, pour the water, cook until cooked and put leaks. Then, serve it