Recipes How To Make Ayam Bungkus Pandan Khai Obb Bay Thay

Recipes Ayam Bungkus Pandan Special - This food origin from the Thailand, with the original name Khai Obb Bay Tay. At the Thailand, Ayam Bungkus Pandan be cooked at the three ways. Fried, grill, and bake in an oven. But this time, we just talk about fried way.

Ø Materials:
 Basic materials:
·      6 pieces of chicken’s wing or chicken’s leg
·      12 sheets of wide pandanus leaf for wrapped

 Spices for marinade:
·      1 ½  spoons of chop-coriander-root
·      4 sheets of  a lime leaf, cut into smooth pieces
·      2 stalks of citronella, cut into smooth pieces
·      2 cloves of garlic, grind it
·      A little of black pepper powder to taste
·      1 spoon of sugar from sugar-palm
·      A little of  salt to taste
·      2 spoons of salty soybean
·      1 spoon of  wijen
·      50 mL of thick coconut milk
·      Mixed all of the ingredients until it’s come spread evenly

Dipping sauce:
·      75 mL of cooked water
·      2 spoons of sugar from sugar-palm
·      1 spoon of citrus fruit juice
·      1 spoon of soybean
·      3 cm of unripe gingger, cut into smooth pieces
·      3 chilis, cut into thin piece
·      1 spoon of  grill wijen

Ø Steps How To Cook:
1.      First, chop the chicken’s wing and the chicken’s leg by your appetite
2.      Skewered the chicken by a fork, then daub it with the soak spice for 60 minutes
3.      Take a pandanus leaf and crossed to the back side until shaped the hole.
4.      Insert the right side of leaf into the hole, then reserve its side.
5.      Insert a piece of chicken into right hole, fold right side leaf to left side, thrn insert under the fold, pull until it’s become close again. Do it until finish like plaited the cover of ketupat.
6.      Boil the cooking oil  in the frypan.
7.      Fry the chicken in the boiled cooking oil for 5 minutes until it’s cooked and colored yellow-brown.
8.      Take off the chicken and leak through
9.      Serve it with it’s sauce. 

Really delicious and special menu for today. Isn’t it?

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