How To Make Recipe Chicken Nuggets Special

Chicken Nugget Recipes And How To Cooking - Hmmm,, chicken nugget. Delicious and healthy food. Most of people must be like this food, especially the children. So, why you not to try make nugget by yourself at the kitchen? The steps are very much simple.

Recipe Chicken Nuggets Restaurant Style 

Ø Ingrediens:

v  400 gr of smooth chopper chicken
v  350 gr of wheat flour
v  75 gr of permesan cheese
v  A little of salt to taste
v  3 eggs, shake it
v  Cooking oil

Ø Steps How To Cooking:

1.      Mixed the chopper chicken, parmesan cheese, salt, and wheat flour until spread evenly
2.      Shape the dough for many shapes, like a star, letters, and the other  else
3.      Daub nugget into a shaked eggs, take off, and roll into the spices flour.
4.      Fry it into boiled cooking oil until colored yellow-brown.
5.      Take off and chicken nugget ready to served.