Korean Menus - Wonsobyeong Special
Recipes and How To Cooking WonsobyeongWonsobyeong, yeah, unique name. Isn’t it? In the other side, Wonsobyeong also have the unique and cute shape. The taste also sweet and delicious. This dish so suitable be  eaten in the summer, and certainly can makes you feel happy. Wanna to try? Alright, watch the recipes and steps how to make below!

Ø Materials:

  • 300 gr of the sticky-rice flour
  • 5 spoons of extract Omija fruit
  • 5 spoons of extract Chija fruit
  • A little of  cinnamon powder
  • 800 mL of syrup from sugar
  • 3 Korean date-palm fruits
  • 2 spoons of honey

Ø Steps:

  1. First, make two dough with sticky-rice flour. Placed it in different cup.
  2. At first dough, add the extract Omija fruit with red color, and at the second dough add the extract Chija fruit with yellow color.
  3. Cut the date-palm fruit into smooth pieces.
  4. Mix all of the materials. Take a little of the dough, then enter the materials into the dough.
  5. Then, make the dough into small-ball shape. Boil the dough in the boiled water.
  6. Take off the dough and put in the cup, watered it with a syrup and ice if you want. A fresh Wonsobyeong ready to serve…